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UK Full licensees get 146-147 MHz

From 31st October 2014 the UK Office of Communications (OFCOM) will permit the use of 146-147 MHz by holders of Full UK Licences for a period of 12 months.   Permission will be by a Notice of Variation (NoV) which will be issued by the Radio Society of Great Britain on behalf of Ofcom.   NoVs will be valid for 12 month but may be renewed as long as this temporary arrangement exists.

More detailed information can be found online at -


70 MHz in Germany

German Amateurs was granted access to the 70-MHz-Band until 31st October 2014 with the following specifications:

70,00 to 70,03 MHz , all modes, maximum bandwidth 12 kHz

max. Power: 25 W EIRP, only horizontal polarisation

You may wish to review the IARU Bandplan. Due to the small segment it may be necessary to operate in split mode from and to German stations.

70 MHz in Italy for 2014

Italian Amateurs have again access to 70 MHz from 23 June until 19 December 2014.

These are the specifications :
All Italian stations are authorized except those 30 km or less from Italian border with Austria, Switzerland and France.
Frequencies : 70,100 - 70,200 - 70,300 with 25 kHz of bandwidth
All modes with a maximum bandwidth of 25 kHz
Max power 50 Watt ERP

73 Alex IV3KKW
A.R.I. - VHF & Up Manager Coordinator
IV3KKW  Alessandro Carletti

Marconi Memorial Contest 2013 - Certificates

Hi to all,

On ARI Bologna web site you could find "Participation Certificate" for the last MMC 2013.

There are 8 files pdf, each one for a different range of callsigns, please choose your and print your page.


Thank you to all for great contest participation, cu in November for the next Marconi Memorial Contest.

73 Alex IV3KKW