VHF/UHF/SHF Committee

Invitation to Marconi Memorial VHF Contest

ARI is proud to  invite you all to take part to the 43rd Marconi Memorial VHF Contest.

Contest will start on November 7th 14:00utc and will end on November 8th at 14:00utc.

Full rules here


Thank you for your participation

73 Alex IV3KKW

ARI VHF & Up Manager

ATV contest/activity weekend, results!

Dear ATV operator,

This was the first time that the IARU contest was held in June, with the extended time period, possibility to gain points by getting portable and/or remote and the new (Excel) log sheet.

The number of stations that send in their logs:

in 2014: 33,

in 2015 it is 42!

We should consider this as a promise for next year.

Please click here for the final results. As you can see IQ3ZB is the winner this year, congratulations to the team with this result!

Several countries with (some) ATV activity are missing in the results. This is a pity because such an activity weekend is fun for everyone operating ATV.

Please see the map with all participating ATV stations in the ATV contest of 2015.

Also check-out www.dxspot.tv especially during the contest (you can look back a half year).

Hopefully you all enjoyed this ATV activity weekend and spread it around so we have next year even more participants. Having fun is most important!

To get others enthusiastic, you probably have to SHOW that ATV is fun! Not only in HAM meetings but also you could send a picture with your activity and some additional text to your national HAM magazine. May be you could get inspired by the new website http://eatf.org/" href="http://eatf.org/">http://eatf.org/

Informal C5 meeting in Friedrichshafen 2016

This was the presentation given by ON4AVJ about how proposals are treated to approve bandplanning, contesting, and technical matter in the IARU C5 committee: presentation FDH 2015; You will find the report in the VHF&up newsletter from July 2015

International UBA DX Summer Contest

In 2014 the UBA organized for the first time this contest, starting the 1st of June and ending 30 September. This contest is meant to promote VHF DX-ing during the Es season, but also MS.

We invite every VHF_DXer to participate to this cup and so promote  the use of our bands. More info about the rules can be found on http://www.uba.be/sites/default/files/uploads/vhf/contests/summercup14.pdf

The results of the first cup can be found on http://www.uba.be/sites/default/files/uploads/vhf/contests/summercup14.pdf The trophy will be awarded at HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen (during the VHF meeting).