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New VHF newsletter 82

Dear friends,

Find hereby the latest VHF Newsletter (82), with information of our latest Interim meeting in Vienna and an important activity on 50 MHz. I would appreciate that you made the maximum publicity about this in the 50MHz community in your country. This can contribute to a success during WRC19! The success will not depend only from our representatives on the WRC, but also (and MOSTLY) of the users of our frequencies.

I invite you all to think how to improve the activity on our bands, especially above 1 GHz. This will be one of the key issues on the upcoming General Conference in Novi Sad 2020.

VHF newsletter82


Jacques ON4AVJ

Chairman C5 IARU-R1

Czech Pohotovostní Test


Agenda Item 1.1 for the 2019 World Radio Communications Conference (WRC) invites the WRC to consider an allocation of the frequency band 50-54 MHz to the amateur service in Region 1. The Czech regulator CTO is investigating if theoretical study results match real life situations. An initial trial took place under flat propagation conditions on 28 February 2019 in the Czech Republic. One of the objectives of the test was to verify that military and amateur radio stations could co-exist in the 50 MHz band.

A second test when enhanced propagation conditions are more likely to occur will take place in the Sporadic E season on 13 June 2019. The worldwide amateur community is invited to participate in this second 50 MHz activity day, called Pohotovostní test or P-test. 

Successful VHF QSO between ZS3 and ZD7

ZD7 ZS3Kobus van der Merwe, ZS3JPY reports that between 19:45 and 21:45 UTC on Wednesday 7 November 2018, a QSO took place on 2 metres between St Helena Island and the West Coast of the Northern Cape. A distance of 2 740 km.

The QSO was on 145,500 MHz FM using a vertically polarised antenna between Garry Mercury, ZD7GWM and Kobus (ZS3JPY) and Michelle (ZS3TO) van der Merwe in Kleinzee as well as Cobus van Baalen, ZS3CVB in Port Nolloth. They did try a QSO on 70 cm, but the signals did not provide for a successful QSO. They will try again on 8 November.