IARU Presents the Amateur Radio Service position on key WRC items to CEPT

At the meeting of Project Team D of the CEPT World Radio Conference Preparatory Group, held in Vilnius, Lithuania week beginning September 11th, IARU presented further positions on two core WRC Agenda items, mainly the globally coordinated amateur allocation at 50 -54 MHz and the potential impact of spurious emissions from proposed high power wireless transfer systems for electric vehicles on the reception of both amateur and broadcast signals.

IARU presented arguments for a global amateur allocation at 50-54 MHz, including a response to issues of spectrum sharing with other services. The 50-54 MHz band is only allocated by ITU to the amateur service in Regions 2 and 3 and in a number of African countries. The current allocation in Region 1 is by decisions taken within the Region and by individual countries. IARU has had a global team of specialists working on this WRC Agenda item since WRC-15.

IARU also expressed concern about the impact of spurious emissions from proposed high power wireless transfer systems for electric vehicles. Papers submitted to the meeting by IARU covered topics such as the projected installed density of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) installations and the spectral purity of the systems. IARU remains very concerned that the current spurious emissions limits are not fit for purpose in a residential environment, with potential severe impact on both amateur and broadcast reception. IARU will continue to make input on this topic in various CEPT forums and also at ITU WP1B.

There remains much work to do before there is any agreement on the CEPT position for WRC on these two important agenda items. In addition, IARU will be deploying its specialist resources to argue the amateur radio services case as effectively as possible in all six Regional Telecommunications Organisations and in the ITU itself.