Regulatory Affairs - Role

1 Draft proposals and discussion papers on policies to achieve the goals for radio amateur regulations set out by Conferences, or by the EC between Conferences

2 Represent IARU R1 at meetings of the CEPT Working Group on Radio Administration and any other similar committees as necessary

3 Stimulate IARU R1 member societies to establish and maintain contacts on this subject of licensing matters with their Administrations and to report on any changes in licensing regulations to the RA WG

4 When a policy has been adopted by a Conference or by the EC as an interim policy then

a. Provide member societies with the necessary documentation

b. Support their efforts to promote the IARU R1 goals with their Administrations

5 Report to the member societies on developments in the field of licensing matters in general by means of regular circular letters or by special bulletins when urgent matters arise or when the RA WG in consultation with the EC deems it necessary to consult member societies on a proposed policy.

6 The specific goal of the IARU R1 member societies will in some cases run parallel with the aims of other organisations within the ITU Region 1. If this is the case then RA WG will:

a. Advise the EC on the proposals brought forward in these organisations and on the best policy to be followed with regard to these proposals

b. Where the opportunity arises, and in close consultation with the EC, forward appropriate comments suggestions for amendments/additions etc. to the pertaining organisations.


7 The RA WG will carry out its work mainly by e-mail. If required, the Chairman may, after having obtained the consent of the EC, organise meetings of the RA WG between Conferences

8 The Chairman may invite to the RA WG meetings experts on a subject under consideration or representatives of member societies who are expected to be able to offer worthwhile contributions to the discussions

9 The RA WG shall in general not have any direct contacts with Administrations or radio amateur organisations outside Region 1 except as a representative of IARU R1

10 Any contacts with radio amateur organisations outside IARU Region 1 considered necessary for a proper fulfilment of the tasks will be channelled through the Honorary Secretary of IARU R 1.

For more information contact IARU Region 1 Regulatory Affairs Co-ordinator