IARU Region 1 initiated changes to CEPT Licence and CEPT Novice Licence


Recent changes to the relevant CEPT recommendations now make it easier for countries outside Europe to join the framework of the CEPT licence and the CEPT Novice licence. At the same time the syllabus for the Harmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC) has been amended to include questions on the Radio Amateur Code of Conduct and on operating practices. The changes, initiated by IARU Region 1, were approved by the Working Group Frequency Management (WGFM) of CEPT and are now in force.

For many years radio amateurs in Europe have enjoyed free and unbureaucratic short-term cross-border operation in 42 countries that have implemented CEPT recommendation T/R 61-01. The recommendation also provides for Non-CEPT countries to join the CEPT licence scheme. However so far only Australia, Canada, , Israel, Netherlands overseas countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and overseas territories of the Netherlands in ITU Region 2 , New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and the United States have implemented T/R 61-01.

Statement of Conformity for Non-CEPT countries

To facilitate the participation of countries from outside Europe, IARU Region 1 proposed to introduce the concept of a «Statement of Conformity» to be included in the latest version of T/R 61-01. The administration of a country wishing to join the CEPT licence framework now can, after careful scrutiny of its licence requirements, declare which of its national licence classes is equivalent to the CEPT licence and vice-versa. Until now CEPT‘s European Communications Office (and its predecessor) in Copenhagen had to examine the equivalency of licence requirements in a complicated process. WGFM approved this IARU Region 1 simplification initiative and in addition detrmined that the same «Statement of Conformity» concept should also be introduced into ECC Recommendation (05)06,the CEPT Novice licence.

Responsibility and Good Operating Practices

WGFM also approved amendments to the examination syllabus for the Harmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC) in recommendation T/R 61-02. To date the syllabus has not contained any references to responsible conduct on the air and to operating practices. This has been corrected by amending the syllabus to include these topics. IARU Region 1 is convinced that these change are necessary considering the increasing problems that the Amateur Service is having with deliberate and unintentional QRM. IARU Region 1 president Don Beattie says: «These amendments are both appropriate and consistent with CEPT and ITU objectives of achieving efficient and effective utilisation of the radio spectrum and will play some part in helping create better understanding of the duty of all radio amateurs to practise responsible behaviour on the bands.»

These changes are already in place for the CEPT licence examination (HAREC). A slightly modified version of the T/R 61-02 amendment is likely to be included in the syllabus for the CEPT Novice licence. WGFM is going to consider this at its meeting in Bordeaux, France in October 2016.

The new version of T/R 61-01 can be found here

T/R 61-02 is available here. The updated syllabus can be found in Annex 6 of the T/R 61-02 document