ITU meetings in Geneva

altA team of IARU officials attended the Working Party 5A, B and C meetings that took place in Geneva 20-30 May. IARU Region 1 was represented by Hans Blondeel Timmerman PB2T, while DARC was represented by Ulrich Mueller DK4VW and RSGB by Colin Thomas G3PSM. Working Group 5A-1 chaired by Dale Hughes, VK1DSH completed a report documenting characteristics of amateur stations at or near 5.3 MHz that will be considered by Study Group 5 at its next meeting in December.

The group worked on a Report analyzing compatibility of amateur operation at 5.3 MHz with existing in-band and adjacent band services, as required by Resolution 649. More work needs to be done at the November meeting.

A revision of the Amateur Handbook was carried out by a sub working group chaired by Colin Thomas, G3PSM.

Some work was done on the CPM text for WRC-15 Agenda Item 1.4 (to consider a possible new allocation to the amateur service on a secondary basis within the band 5 250 - 5 450 kHz).

IARU presented its position on WRC-15 Agenda Item 1.18 (to consider a primary allocation to the radiolocation service for automotive applications in the 77.5 - 78.0 GHz frequency band).

Amateur representatives from other IARU regions included Tim Ellam VE6SH, Bryan Rawlings VE3QN, Ken Yamamoto JA1CJP and Brennan Price N4QX.