14000-14350 kHz

The 20 meter band

IARU Spectrum Requirements

The growth of the amateur service and its heavy dependence on this band for international communication using CW, SSB, and digital modes justifies a return to an allocation of 14000 – 14400 kHz.


This band is undoubtedly the most popular amateur band for international communications. It bears an extremely heavy load of both CW and SSB traffic. In recent years, amateurs have found it increasingly difficult to accommodate the newer digital modes within the 14-MHz allocation, thereby limiting the contribution of the amateur service to the experimentation with new techniques.

At the Washington Conference of 1927 this allocation was established at 14000 – 14400 kHz, but at the Atlantic City Conference of 1947 it was reduced by 50 kHz, to 14000 – 14350 kHz.