The Roy Stevens, G2BVN, Memorial Trophy

The trophy is awarded to any radio amateur that has best exemplified the work and dedication of Roy Stevens, G2BVN, in international radio. Radio amateurs worldwide are eligible.

1987: Thomas Clarkson, ZL2AZ, and Alfred Muller, DL1FL

1990: Richard L. Baldwin, W1RU (SK)

1993: Kees van Dijk, PA0QC (SK)

1999: Wojciech J. Nietyksza, SP5FM, and Alf Almedal, LA5QK (SK)

2002: Louis van de Nadort, PA0LOU (SK)

2008: Don Beattie, G3BJ

2011: Mustapha Diop, 6W1KI

2014: Gaston Bertels, ON4WF

2017: Colin Thomas, G3PSM and Wolf Harranth, OE1WHC