Monitoring System (IARUMS)

IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Coordinator receives recognition in Friedrichshafen

On June 27, 2009 at the Ham Radio Exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Ulrich Mueller - DK4VW presented to the IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Coordinator Wolfgang Hadel, DK2OM, on behalf of the Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e. V. (DARC) an award in appreciation for his outstanding contribution in the defense of the Amateur Radio spectrum. Congratulations Wolf. Well deserved.

Pictures from the event are available in the IARUMS Photo Gallery.

North Korean (KRE) embassy traffic again on 14 MHz!

 The North Korean embassy in Tripoli (Libya) is again abusing 14328.430 kHz for traffic with MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Pyongyang.

Details: ARQ burst system \"DPRK-FSK600\" (600 Bd, 600 Hz shift), operating on two different frequencies at about 1630 utc daily. One frequency is in the amateur radio band, the other one out of it. The amateur radio community are not amused.

Codar HF Radar now from Croatia

The Codar HF Radar from Naples on our 24 MHz band disappeared after a complaint of IK8OZZ (Lugi). Few days later another Codar system was found on 24850 - 24950 kHz. Bearings of the German PTT (BNetzA) were showing Croatia, Pag Island. The German PTT filed an official complaint to the Croatian PTT.

Tribal Net on 14000 kHz

The illegal net was heard again on 14000 kHz in USB on June 2, 2009 at 1743 utc.  Male voices in tribal language, sometimes using French words. Bearings are showing North West or West Africa. Possibly a NGO.

Do you have any idea?

Radio Ethiopia which is jamming Voice of Broad Masses from Eritrea!!!

If you regularly listen into the new range 7100 - 7200 kHz in the evening hours (starting 1630 UTC, lasting about one hour) you will find on 7165 kHz, sometimes on 7175 kHz, a powerful wideband rushing noise which is some 15 kHz wide and producing an S 9 + 20 dB-Signal at my 40-m Inverted-Vee dipole antenna. Also very faintly you can hear the carrier of a program below the jammer.

Who is the jammer, and which is the jammed program? 

China National Radio 1 (CNR1) is transmitting parallel on 7130 and 7185 kHz!

For some time there was a big QUERY about the BC stations on 7130 and 7185 kHz. Uli, DJ9KR found them with the same program from 1500 - 1700 UTC. Sign off of the 7130 kHz QRG is 1735, sign off of the 7185 kHz QRG is 1700 kHz. The language is Chinese. Which were these stations? Was is CNR1 from CHN or was it a radio station from Taiwan (TWN). Of course in both countries Chinese is spoken.

Wolfgang Bueschel DF5SX told Uli to compare the frequencies above with other regular frequencies where CNR1 is transmitting. On 11925 kHz he found the same program as on 7130/7185 kHz even much stronger. This proves: It is Chinese National Radio 1(CNR1) which is transmitting on 7130/7185 kHz at the same time!

At 1704 UTC Uli found a 2nd program at the same time on 7130 kHz. This could be Sound of Hope, TWN. But more investigations are necessary.

During the past months the Hainan Firedrake Jammer was always on 7130 and 7185kHz. It has stopped. Is transmitting the program of CNR1 the new type of jamming on TWN BC stations?

Illegal CIS taxitraffic on 28000 - 29700 kHz

The rising conditions on the Amateur Radio 10 m-band are daily showing, that the band is still abused by illegal traffic in FM by taxis from Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. You can find them in 5 kHz increments (28000 +). The base stations are operated by women, their husbands in the taxi cabs are audible sometimes, too. 

* CIS = Community of Independant States