Monitoring System (IARUMS)

Russian Airforce Moscow on 7117 kHz

The Russian Airforce Moscow is transmitting daily on 7117 kHz in F1B with 50 Bd and 1000 Hz shift. Most of the time you can hear an idling signal. Every full hour and 40 minutes the ident "REA4" is transmitted in CW on the mark frequency 7117.5 kHz. In earlier times the same system was often active on 7018 kHz. Complaints of the German PTT were disregarded.

7030 kHz - Intermodulation by Radio Belarus

An intermodulated emission by Radio Belarus is disturbing 7030 kHz in AM every evening. This signal is produced by a mixture of emissions on 7210 and 7390 kHz. Calculation: 2  x 7210 = 14420   ---   14420 - 7390 = 7030 kHz. An earlier complaint of the German PTT (BNetzA) has not been regarded!

Russian OTH Radar disturbs 20 m

The Russian OTH (over-the-horizon) Radar "ABM2" (NATO name "Steelyard") is active on 14255 kHz, 10 kHz wide, every morning. Parameters: Sweepgenerator system, working with 50 pulses/sec. Location of the ABM2-radar: North West of Smolensk. The German PTT (BNetzA) has been informed to support on the resolution.

Please inform your national PTTs! 

Weatherfax on 14001.9

In the evening hours of Friday September 18, 2009 a strong WXfax signal appeared on 14001.9 kHz. DK2OM bearings pointed to USA with the following details: 120 rpm / IOC 576 - wxcharts with air pressure, winds and oceansurface details - showing the eastcoast of USA, the Atlantic and West-Europe. The transmissions came from the US Coastguard. AA3GZ (Jack) and K0BOG (Chuck) were informed. Jack in turn phoned the US Coastguard. They promised to solve the problem. Many thanks to AA3GZ for the fast action!

Royal Navy in Faslane, Scotland - intrusion on 40m

On Friday, September 18, 2009 I found a strong F1B signal on 7101.7 kHz (75 Bd, 850 Hz shift - Baudot). The ident was "MGJ". This ident belongs to the Royal Navy in Faslane, Scotland. Interference was reported to the German PTT (BNetzA) at Konstanz. In turn interference was reported to the British PTT (Ofcom). About 20 minutes later the transmission was finished. Many thanks to BNetzA and Ofcom!

BC Frequency Changes on 7100 - 7200

WRTH Online latest news revealed that the following broadcasters have left the range 7100 - 7200 kHz:

Indian BC-Stations:

kHz         Name of Station          QSY to kHz
7105        Lucknow                       7440
7115        Port Blair                       7390
7120        Jaipur                           7325
7130        Shillong                         7315
7140        Hyderabad                     7420
7150        Delhi                             7370
7150        Imphal                          7335
7160        Chennai                        7380
7180        Bhopal                          7430
7195        Mumbai                         7340

Other BC-Stations:

7100        R. Eritrea                     7220 or 7210
7110        R. Belarus (Hrodna)       7280
7185        SABC, South Africa        7285

Intruder alert - 7000.4 USB - Portuguese fishermen

Portuguese fishermen are abusing 7000.4 kHz in USB every morning from 07 - 09 UTC and later. Location: North of Portugal, Gulf of Biscaya. Use this frequency for CW-traffic!

USKA launches a swiss monitoring system website

On August 27th, 2009 the Swiss radio monitoring system of the UNION SCHWEIZERISCHER KURZWELLEN-AMATEURE (USKA) launched it's own "intruder watch" website. Structured in a main page and actually two subpages with more details and related links.

Peter Jost, HB9CET, the Swiss monitoring coordinator presents a survey of the monitoring system and some specific reasons why monitoring is so important. Followed by some instructions how to assist the monitoring and how to become a intruder watcher. Enhanced by more particular information's, documents and important links. Peter also presents his personal monthly reports as well as information's about Swiss specific monitoring activities.

Some further pages with more detailed information's about  monitoring news will follow soon. As well as a translation into French and Italian language

3591 kHz - Croatian Amateur Radio Emergency Net - no intruder!

Perhaps you are astonished of a strange digital signal on 3591 kHz. You can read the plain text with Multipsk:  "9A1CRA Croatian Amateur Radio Emergency Net FAE Beacon" - Parameters: FSK8 - 8 x 125 Bd, shift 1750 Hz, MIL188-141A ARQ FAE. This net is no intruder net! Do not disturb the transmissions! Thanks to DL8AAM for info.