Monitoring System (IARUMS)

Source of BC-IM on 14000 kHz revealed: It is "Kashgar Radio" from Xinjiang Province, PR China

In the beginning of January 2010 from 1300 to 1400 UTC Wolf DK2OM heard a BC station on 14000,0 kHz. Wolf contacted OM Wolf Bueschel DF5SX, is a dedicated BC listener with a lot of expercience and the latest BC skeds and QRGs in his private library. Wolf DF5SX wrote to Wolf DK2OM: "The BC signal is probably an IM product of two BC transmitters of "Kashi Radio" from Xinjian Province, PR China. Here is the knitting pattern:

*** 13710 kHz 1300 - 1400 UTC 27 SE KAS 500 308 px: French CHN CRI RTC
*** 13855 kZ 1300 - 1400 UTC 27-29 KAD 500 308 px; Chinese CHN CRI RTC

Mixture: (13855 x 2) - 137120 = 14000

The Tiger Radar in Region 3 leaves the 10 MHz-Band!

After complaints of VK4DU (Glenn) and DJ9KR (Uli) to the La Trobe University in Australia the Tiger Radar in Bruny (South Australia) will change the frequency data bases. In the future no Ham-Band will be interfered by this Ionospheric Radar System. Great action dear Glenn and Uli. Not moaning but acting is the right way to save our bands. Happy New Year to all intruder busters from DK2OM, Wolf, Coordinator IARUMS Region 1! Click here for more details on IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Successful Actions.

Source of BC-Signal on 7105 kHz detected: Intermodulation Product of RTV Tunisia at sfax

Broadcast Listeners Wolf DF5SX and Tarek SU1TZ give Important Information to IARU MONITORING SYSTEM

Already on July 5, 2009 Uli DJ9KR detected a broadcast station on 7105 kHz in the evening hours: The transmission time is from 1857 – 2108 UTC, and the BC is carrying a program in Arabic language.   The signal is not too strong, about S 5 to 7 with his dipole antenna, and a bit difficult to read because of the radio amateurs also active on this frequency.  The BC is still on in December 09. Uli informed the German telecoms. authorities “BNetzA”. They took bearings of the BC which pointed to North Africa, direction Libya – Tunisia. He also made some .wav-recordings of the program in Arabic language and sent them to Wolf DF5SX and to Hani OD5TE.

On 8 December Uli received an email from Wolf DF5SX. He had passed Uli’s sound recording to the Egyptian radio amateur and experienced BCL Tarek Zeidan. Tarek pointed out that he had clearly identified the audio as coming from RTV Tunisia, transmitter site Sfax.

New Coordinators in IARUMS Region 1

The IARU Monitoring System Region 1 is growing. Two new members have joined: SP3SUZ (Wladyslaw) - PZK Poland and S56ZDB (Darko) - ZRS Slovenia bringing the total IARUMS coordinators to 19. Check the full list of IARUMS Region 1 Coordinators .  Protecting the Amateur Radio Bands is the responsibility of every Ham. For more information, Contact the IARU Region 1 Monitoring Service coordinator.

Harmonics of Russian Beacon on 7038.7 kHz

The Russian beacon "D" is now audible on 14077.4 and 21116.1 kHz, harmonics from 7038.7 kHz. Location: Sevastopol, Russian Black Sea Naval Base. Reported by DL6XAZ and HB9CET, confirmed by DK2OM. The German PTT (BNetzA) has been informed.

Media Broadcast leaves 7200 kHz

DJ9KR (Uli Bihlmayer) sent a complaint to Media Broadcast regarding the interference on 7200 kHz by a customer of MEDIA NETWORK from Issoudun, France. An reply was received by MEDIA BROADCAST project leader which confirms the frequency change and the resolution of the interference. Great action from DJ9KR (Uli)!  

7 MHz - Chinese OTH Radar

Caused by improving conditions the Chinese OTH Radar was audible on 7030 - 7080 kHz on Oct.28th at 1500 UTC. Parameters: 43 pulses/sec, well known... soundfile, click here! We were not amused!