Monitoring System (IARUMS)

Chinese OTH Radar again on 7 MHz

The Chinese OTH Radar was again audible in Europe on Nov. 15th at about 20 utc and later.
Parameters: 43.5 pulses/sec - range: 7080 - 7120 kHz - more details ...

OTH Radar from Argentina on 14 MHz

A new OTH Radar appeared on 14 MHz. We find it often on 14185 and 14305 kHz in the mornings. Parameters: 66.66 pulses/sec, 10 kHz spread, bursts of 1.8 sec duration every 30 seconds. Location: Central Argentina

CIS taxi cabs usurp 10 m-band!

Numerous taxi cabs from Russia (most of them), Belorussia and Ukraine are abusing 28000 - 29700 kHz in FM every day. You can here a female voice operating the base station and a male voice in the car. Sometimes a telephone is ringing in the background. They are talking about street names and passengers. DJ9KR will send a complaint to the Russian Amateur Society. Read more...

Nigerian fishery on 21 MHz - reported by DJ9KR

Dear fellow Intruder Busters,
Every day you can hear Nigerian fishery on 21002 kHz in SSB-USB. I have first heard them on 15 September from 1740 - 1812, and last today 21 September at 1700 UTC. 
The fishermen speak a local dialect and also quite well French. They have told me that they are Nigerian fishermen, ship name "VOLOCAN-3", and that they are fishing in Cameroon waters. Please activate the QRG with CW.
Regards, Uli, DJ9KR   --- Audio-file with the illegal voice traffic on 21002 MHz: click here!

Napoli Radio on 14000 kHz disabled

The illlegal daily transmissions in AM from Naples on 14000 kHz have been finished. Someone from Naples has disturbed 14000 kHz in AM daily with BC-like emissions in the mornings and evenings. The Italian PTT has found out the source in Naples and stopped this nonsense. Many thanks to all involved Italian Hams, the German PTT (BNetzA) and the Italian PTT. Another success in saving our bands!

Spanish Fishery on Amateur Bands

Spanish fishermen are daily abusing 3500, 3510, 3550, 3590, 7000, 14000, 21000, 21222, 21395 kHz in USB,  various times. Often working with the voice scrambler “CRY 2001”. They only use private names, no ship names or idents. Talking to them is wasted time. They are reacting very bold and obscene. PSE use these QRGs for legal Amateur traffic!