IPHA Activities in IARU Region 1

Below is a summary of activities related to handicapped radio-amateurs in the region based on the survey recently conducted which shows the feedback received from member societies:

Algeria - ARA

There is 1 radio club in Algeria for blind people situated in Laghouat 450 KM South of Algiers. Out of the 140 students, 25 students are visually impaired and use normal Amateur Radio Equipment. ARA organizes 3 events a year with handicapped radio-amateurs:

  1. National day of knowledge
  2. International Day of Disabled Persons
  3. Emergency communications Drills

Bulgaria - BFRA

There is no dedicated handicapped for Amateurs organization in Bulgaria but there is 10 handicapped radio-amateurs in the society. Special courses for handicapped are available upon request. Handicapped radio-amateurs have the privilege to join BFRA with no annual fees.

Finland - SRAL

No dedicated Amateur Radio handicapped organization in Finland, but SRAL has around 50 disabled members. SRAL lends spare radios to the disabled radio-amateurs. Help is provided at the time of exams in reading questions for handicapped candidates and in writing the answers. Audio CDs are available in support of blind radio-amateurs


There are 250 handicapped radio amateurs in France. 2 Societies offer books, operation manual, technical manual, radio legislation manual and morse code courses to help handicapped prepare for the Amateur Radio Test.

Germany - DARC

“ Iteressengemeinschaft Blinder Funkamateure Deutschlands“ IDBF is a group of active blind radio amateurs in Germany. IDBF meets regularly on the air (2m & 80m). DARC offers the following to blind radio amateurs:

  • Ads in DARC club magazine and reports in weekly bulletin
  • Information about Audio-Literature, license lessons with Q&A, handbooks and reports etc…
  • WebPages to the above
  • Running a white stick diploma

DARC offers a service to the handicapped that has been running for many years by Guenter Zellmer in offering part of the Club Magazine on Audio-CD. The CD is sent to about 500 radio amateurs and SWL for a yearly fee of 10 Euro or 0.80 Euro for a single issue.

Lebanon - RAL

Currently no dedicated programs for disabled radio-amateurs in Lebanon. Effort are underway to have handicapped get into Amteur Radio and use it to expand their horizon. Further efforts are undergoing to establish Amateur Radio Stations in Associations with Living Handicapped. Special care is given by the Ministry of Telecommunications for testing on a case by case basis.

Hungary - MRASZ

Hungary use to have a dedicated organization for disabled radio-amateurs till it leader died. No accurate data on disabled radio-amateurs members but there are few visually and hearing impaired radio amateurs spread across the various organizations in the country. The hearing impaired amateur is active on packet radio. HG0EK a visually impaired amateur prepares a program with a lot of interviews in conjunction with radio-amateur topics, and each month on the third Monday evening sends the program via the central two meter relay. The program lasts one hour and radio-amateurs in the whole country listen to it with great interest. Blind radio-amateurs use talking computers for computer communication. The information to organize an event for visually handicapped people gets them by radio, e-mail or telephone. Yearly 6-8 greater events are organized in their society and in the clubs members meet once a week. They have also a flyer.


Israel - IARC

There is 1 organization with 20 disabled radio amateurs. Special courses and tools are available to prepare disabled people to pass the Amateur Radio Test and organize 3 related events a year.

Special facilities are provided by the authority to examine handicapped people for Radio Amateur License. Special CDs are available for examinations of blind radio-amateurs especially for CW.

Norway - NRRL

No dedicated Amateur Radio handicapped organization in Norway, but NRRL has around 25 disabled members, and present the visually impaired ones with magazines in electronic readable format. Special arrangements are made for handicapped wishing to take the Amateur Radio license test.

Sweden - SSA

No dedicated Amateur Radio handicapped organization in Sweden, SSA has around 150 disabled radio amateurs. SSA has a dedicated person in charge of organizing special tests for handicapped candidates depending on the type of disability. SSA have various books on CDs (the Daisy method). SSA administers a separate “Handicap Fund”, from which annual fees are covered for the handicapped members and support them financially to acquire Amateur Radio related equipment.

For more Information contact IARU Region 1 IPHA Coordinator