Presentation on Amateur Radio youth activities in Finland

During the past seven years Suomen Radioamatööriliitto (SRAL Finland) organised several youth activities. Before 2004 youth activities were not recognized by SRAL. A youth committee of SRAL was established, the idea was to let youth get more experience in running official meetings and matters.  Different activities were organised like: school demonstrations, summer camps, youth dxpeditions, fairs, ARDF and school clubs.

Different youth activities held by SRAL are available in a Presentation youth activities in Finland, written by Jukka Heikinheimo, OH2BR

Introducing IARU Region 1 Youth coordinator - PA2LS

Lisa PA2LS, currently 21 years old, obtained her first license when she was 13 years old. She received the novice call PD2LLS. In 2009 she passed the full-license exam.

In the summer of 2010 Lisa went to Romania as leader of the Dutch team to the Youngsters On the Air event. With a group of 40 youngsters, most of them radio amateurs, she participated in different radio activities under callsigns YO0YOA and YO0TSL. In 2010, together with her father PE1KL, she activated LG5LG and SJ9WL in Morokulien, located at the border of Sweden and Norway. In April/May 2011 they went together on dxpedition to Ghana. Lisa’s Ghanaian callsign is 9G5LL.

Lisa is active during contests and other events like JOTA, clubstation fieldday and in contest teams. A Product Design Engineering major, she enjoys playing piano and does this in a band with whom she performs.

With her experience, and also what she heard from other young radio amateurs, Lisa is looking to get the youth community in IARU Region 1 more active. She will be working with member societies in promoting Amateur Radio among youth, share ideas and experiences leading to an increased number of young radio amateurs.

Lisa, PA2LS, appointed as the IARU Region 1 Youth Co-ordinator

Following the creation of a Youth Co-ordinator portfolio during the Region 1 General Conference at Sun City in August 2011, the Region called for nominations for a Region 1 Youth Co-ordinator. Three nominations were received, namely Mari Nikkilae, OH2FPK, Lisa Leenders, PA2LS and Georgi Atanasov Vodenicharov, LZ1ZF.

During the teleconference of the Region 1 Executive Committee held on 10 October 2011, it was decided to appoint Lisa Leenders, PA2LS, as the Region 1 Youth Co-ordinator. Lisa will be working with the Youth Co-ordinators from the various member societies to promote amateur radio amongst the youth in Region 1.

Congratulations to Lisa!

URE Youth Activities presented through different articles

In the last few years, UNION DE RADIOAFICIONADOS ESPANOLES (URE) promoted several editions of the activity named Radio Day in the Schools (May/June)  where the students are allowed to operate an amateur station in their school under supervision of a licensed EA operator.The URE Sections promotes amateur activities in summer youth camps and organize sometimes demonstrations for students.

Listed below are links of youth related material and articles published by URE:

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  4. AN2ETI from Integrated Polytechnic Center TSI of Tudela showing EA2BD given a demonstration on Amateur Radio. URE Magazine November 2009 issue.
  5. 2008 European Radio School Day. URE Magazine July 2008 issue.
  6. "Radioventura" Camp. Written by Nino, EA7KA - URE Magazine November 2007 issue.

Meet SRAL Youth Coordinator OH2FPK Mari

altBorn in 1993, Mari OH2FPK, daughter of OH2BEA and Sister of OH2FDE, earned her first license at the SRAL 2009 youth training camp and the her Extra class in 2010 at the SUOMEN RADIOAMATOORILIITTO ry (SRAL) youth training camp where she also served as assistant camp leader and then became SRAL youth instructor the same year.

Mentored by Jukka OH2BR, Mari is very active on the air and has so far participated in three main contests: SAC 2010, CQWW 2010 and IARU HF contest 2011. She has also participated in the Aland Island OH0/OH2DXF DX-pedition and OH8X events. She is very competent in CW (175 ch/min) and an avid DXer with a country total of 157.

Mari is a smart, positive and reliable person with perseverance and solid goal-orientation. She is teaching taido to the young boys and now two of her pupils are hams. Mari enjoys taido, astronomy and meteorology, bicycling and running. Quite an impressive track record in such a short time. Congratulations.

Additional pictures of Mari taken during her Amateur Radio activities are posted in the IARU Region 1 Photo Gallery.