special event Egypt 2012

EgyptThe Egyptian Radio Amateur Society for Development (ERASD) announces a special event "Egypt 2012 with callsign SU55J".

This event gathers the Radio Amateurs from all over the world to enjoy the Radio activity and the fabulous Egypt. We are waiting you from 18 – 22 October 2012 in Cairo. The Event is organized by ERASD in cooperation with the Arab Scout Region. The program includes the participation in the 55th World Scout Jamboree on the air (JOTA 55) and Egyptian Radio Amateur Station SU55J will working 24 hours day, during the event we make good programs to Exchange Experiences. And a lot of Amateur Radio Activities also very nice Touristy program in old Cairo. and nice Surprises! For more details

To register please write to ERASD Secretary, Said Kamel SU1SK  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Electronic and Ham Radio Camp 2012 in the Czech Republic

Members of OK2KDJ and OK2KJT organized a 10 days camp for children from 10 to 16 years. The objective was to attract youth generation to electronics and ham. Members of these radioclubs organize and lead electronic free time hobby groups from October to June already for many years. We have been thinking about extension of those activities to summer holidays. The result was a 10 days Electronic and Ham Radio Camp. 20+ years of experiences at organizing children’s camps and leading electronic groups had been put together. Combining  those two different worlds, an unique project was created. Pictures and video's are on this website.

Preparations started in October 2011 by establishing the core team: Zbynek OK2PIN – the camp leader and technical instructors: Petr OK2AIA and Robin OK2UWQ. The initial task was to create attractive and realistic concept of the camp.

The core activities have been focused on ham radio and building electronic equipment. We wanted to offer more than sitting and soldering and again sitting and operating amateur radio. That’s why we selected a tent camp site next to a forest where participants found various challenges to develop themselves not only in electronics but also at camping abilities and games and competition in the camp and nearby forest, finding new friends and building team spirit. Simply, complex, various and interesting program for 10 – 16 year old children.

Youngsters On The Air Belgium-The Netherlands

YOTA4Youngsters On The Air which was held in Eeklo, Belgium, from 19 till 26 August was a great success. Teams from 9 different European countries participated during the week in different activities like, ARDF, contesting, presentations about youth and radio amateurism, visit to PI4TUE university of technology Eindhoven, arduino workshops, visit to OT5A Fort lier and much more. On Friday evening the youngsters gave a presentation to the world about the event. The youngsters, most of them are radio amateurs, became friends and are planning new meetings and skeds on HF.                                                                                                                                                          

Youngsters On The Air 2012 Belgium-The Netherlands

During the summer of 2012 a youth radio camp will be held in Belgium, organized by the UBA youth commission and members of the Dutch radio society VERON. Location will be close to the Dutch border. In this week many young radio amateurs from 9 different European countries will be participating in different activities: contesting, ARDF, presentations, fieldday, visiting radio stations etc.. It will be a great experience for the young HAM’s which they will never forget. The special callsign which the youngsters will be using during the event is ON4YOTA.

When: 19-26 August 2012

Participants: 9 teams from different European member associations of IARU R1. A team consist of 1 team leader, this could be an older person, and 4 team members with the age between 18-25 years. The following countries are participating: Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

See the bulletin for more info.

Young radio operators activate SK9HQ during IARU HF contest 2012

As a part of SSA’s youth initiative SK0YT, the Swedish youth team, will be manning SK9HQ in the IARU HF contest 14-15 July 2012. They will operate in a multimulti-drive, 160-10m SSB. QTH will be Kvarnberget, SK0UX. A total of seven youngsters will participate this time and the aim is to introduce "contest" and to give them the opportunity to practice operator technique. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the Swedish youngsters to try out contest and since SK9HQ has its own multiplier in the contest, they will be highly sought after. Take it easy with the new youngster at the SSA HQ-station.

Let's show the youngsters the best of world-wide contesting in a friendly way.

Youth teams in Friedrichshafen HAM Radio

This year during HAM Radio Friedrichshafen a Finnish youth team and SSA youth team from Sweden were present. They manned the stand of their member societies at the fair.  The Finnish youth stayed at HAM CAMP like many other young radio amateurs. Here a photo gallery of the Swedish youth team and the blog about their trip and stay together with the SSA Youth Coordinator Johan SM5F.

Also this year was the first International Youth Meeting and Meeting of Youth Supervisors during HAM Radio. After introduction youth and others grabbed the microphone and told their stories. With a drink all attendees had a chat afterwards.

(Picture: left SSA Swedish youth team, middle PA2LS Youth Coordinator IARU R1, right Finnish youth team)

Amateur Radio Kids Day and SR0FLY: Saturday 16 June

On the occasion of the Radio Amateur Kids Day on 16th June 2012, there will be a special activity that could be especially interesting as a means of promotion of amateur radio amongst young operators and young potential radio amateurs. The matter is that a tropospheric balloon will start on 16th June (Saturday) at 11.00 UTC from Włocławek, Poland, and it will carry out a cross-band repeater with the callsign SR0FLY.

145.587,5 MHz (downlink)
439.512,5 MHz (uplink)

The cross band repeater is a part of payload and mission of stratospheric balloon. Real range is a radius of about 600 kilometres. So, is a real chance to realize QSO between stations located at the distance of 1200 kilometres from each other.
1. Only short QSO with your callsign and report,
2. Cross band repeater is working without any tones,
3. We will confirm all QSO by special QSL card.
Please report your QSO or SWL using our on-line log:
Click here for more information.


Kids Day is an on-air event to encourage young people (licensed or not) to have fun with Amateur Radio. The Kids Day operating event is not a contest. It’s a way to tell young people worldwide about the magic and mystery of two way hobby radio communications. To do this, Amateur radio stations are being asked to devote this short time window to promote the terrestrial hobby and ham radio satellite operations to youngsters. This, by providing a place to make contacts with other Kids Day stations around the world. It is designed to give on-the-air experience to youngsters and hopefully foster interest in getting a license of their own. It is also intended to give older hams a chance to share their station and love for Amateur Radio with their children.

Date and Time: 1800 UTC through 2359 UTC on Sunday, January 8 and Saturday, June 16. Operate as much or as little as you like.

Suggested exchange: Name, age, location and favourite colour. Be sure to work the same station again if an operator has changed. To draw attention, call “CQ Kids Day.”

Suggested frequencies:

10 Meters: 28.350 to 28.400 MHz
12 Meters: 24.960 to 24.980 MHz
15 Meters: 21.360 to 21.400 MHz
17 Meters: 18.140 to 18.145 MHz
20 Meters: 14.270 to 14.300 MHz
40 Meters: 7.270 to 7.290 MHz
80 Meters: 3.740 to 3.940 MHz

You can also use your favourite repeater (with permission of the repeater’s sponsor). Be sure to observe third-party restrictions when making DX QSOs.

Young HAM Christos 5B4AIP winner of All Asian DX Contest

Young HAM Christos Kakoutas (5B4AIP), is the Asian Winner of Junior in the category of "Single Operator" in the 2011 ALL ASIAN DX CONTEST.
Here an interview with Christos also about his work as chairman of the English School Radio Club (5B4ES). 

Congratulations to Christos!

At what age did you obtain your radio license?
I obtained my HAREC Certificate in November 2008, at the age of 14, after succeeding in the examination organised then by the Cyprus’s Ministry of Communications and Works. When the results were announced I immediately applied for a license which unfortunately did not come until the spring of 2009. 

What made you become a radio amateur?
I must say that it was a combination of reasons that made me become a Radio Amateur. First of all, my school’s Radio Club had no licensed operators at that time. It was therefore difficult for the club to work in this way and a licensed operator was urgently needed. Also, beyond this practical reason, I was myself very much attracted to this wonderful hobby. I enjoyed very much communicating with people using transceivers and aerials and constructing such equipment. Above all however I was mostly fascinated by contests. I watched other licensed operators contesting and the feeling of competing alone or with your friends against everybody else in the world thrilled me. 

ERASD Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society Youth Activities

The Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society ERASD, is the officially recognized membership organization for radio amateurs in Egypt. One of ERASD’s main objectives is to promote and improve amateur radio services and youth activities in Egypt through the participation in international and regional activities. ERASD prepared a plan for three years from 2011 until 2013 to Youth Activities. 

The plan divided into four points as Radio Activities, Education, Society's Station, Media, in this subject will talk about the first point Radio Activity. First it's great chance for youth to get useful information about Amateur. During the radio Activity ERASD providing educational programs and materials to promote amateur radio and develop the scientific and technical skills of the youth.

Last SU8JOTA activity was a great chance to the youth Boys and Girls to participates in the world youth event and see the Radio Amateur communications Technology in this context, ERASD is currently focused on simplifying science and technology to youth in general, and more particularly in areas related to emergency and Natural Disasters ERASD and the Cairo International Scout Center came together to organize the participation of junior Scouts in this international Scouting event.

The theme of the 54th Jamboree On The Air was:  Peace,   Environment and Natural Disasters. It was a great chance for youth to learn about the use of modern means of communications to help in saving lives, and to know how each and every Scout can prepare to intervene to save people in their communities during great natural or climatic disasters.  Scouts have shown that they know how to quickly and efficiently react. Scouts are often of great help for rescuers working on the ground, thanks to their self-sacrifice and determination; they are often on the front line during disasters that affect their immediate environment.

Simulated Emergency Test Why are Radio Amateurs and Scouts always there first when disaster strikes? During the JOTA weekend we organized a small-scale emergency test. It was a challenging activity in which an Earthquake emergency was simulated and Scouts responded using radio communications, techniques, materials and skills that they learned during this JOTA, such as how to install an amateur radio station and antennas. 

Click here for pictures of ERASD youth activities.

Getting youth interested by exhibiting on high schools

Many youngsters have no clue about the radio hobby. An opportunity to change this is to exhibit at a local high school. For example in the Netherlands VERON section Breda exhibited at the open day of Radius College in Breda last January.

Their goal was to show youth that there is more than only internet and WhatsApp. First they started with making promotion material, like flyers, banners and pens. The committee of section Breda made the decision what they wanted to show. They choose to show in an active way what the radio amateur hobby is about. Also showing something about self-building and that the PC is important in our hobby. Because it was the first time they were exhibiting, they did choose for a set-up.

The next step was to ask members of the VERON section to help during the exhibition. It seemed during club meetings that many members wanted to participate and help. Also some younger members, which is nice when you are promoting on a school.

Before the start of the exhibition, which was two days in total, local radio amateurs helped with the preparations. A pump mast was placed at the schoolyard together with a X300 and FD4. Inside there was a stand next to the electrical engineering faculty of the school. There was also a self-build SDR-radio, self-build radio’s, MKARS 80 meter QRP transmitter and much more.