The Radio Reactivation Programme in Poland

The "Radio Reactivation" Programme constitutes an educational venture propagating technical culture and amateur radio among children and youth in Poland. "Reactivation" is a service of the amateur radio community aimed at conveying their passion and fascination with radio technologies to younger generations. "Reactivation" is a nationwide free training programme addressed to primary and secondary schools.

"Reactivation" is based on the assumption that this programme functions as a movement motivating the amateur radio community in Poland to cooperate with new generations.

“Dear Amateur Radio Friends: by presenting the mission of the "Radio Reactivation" Programme, we  would like to point out that this action is not assigned and subordinated to any group of people, any club of the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK), any regional (local) section of the PZK, and it is not an action organised by the POLSKI ZWIAZEK KROTKOFALOWCOW (PZK), by the League of National Defence (LOK), or by any other organisation (although e.g. the PZK is one of the bodies that support the "Radio Reactivation" Programme - translator’s note).”

The entire venture is a spontaneous initiative of volunteers and it brings together all who want to work for implementation of the above-formulated ideas. Any person can become a volunteer - a person who holds an amateur radio licence as well as a person without a licence, who will be able - due to his/her knowledge - to assist in preparation of the programme for schools in terms of its specialist content.

The programme is free as such, but it is limited by our logistic and time capabilities, so it is important to make the largest possible group of people from the whole territory of Poland focus on that idea​​.

It is assumed that the website of the "Radio Reactivation" Programme will match teachers who want to present it to their pupils (students) - together with radio amateurs across our country, providing their time and equipment for a class. A class can be conducted by teachers as well by radio amateurs.

In order to make the venture successful and for ensuring its nationwide impact, it is important that volunteers inform sufficiently in advance about their willingness to help.

The "Radio Reactivation" Programme is a non-profit initiative, i.e. nobody collects any property intended for business, or applies for funding from any organisations, associations, foundations and other groups - formal and informal ones.

The "Radio Reactivation" Programme is represented as a venture to other organisations and legal entities by its initiative group consisting of the following persons: Paweł Włodarczyk SQ5STS, Ryszard Labus SQ9MDD, Jerzy Wróbel SQ5NPW, Tomasz Zagóra SQ5OBU, Tomasz Wawer SQ5RIX, Andrzej Chałubiec SP9ENO, Michał Grzesiczak SQ7JZI, Jacek Kotowski SQ5LNO and Hubert Anysz SP5RE.

You are cordially invited!!!

Kids Day experiences of Piotr SO9DXX

Piotr SO9DXX, currently 12 years old, received his Novice license one year ago in February 2012 when he was 11 years old. His interest in amateur radio had been aroused by his father SP9UPK.  Read the interview with Piotr about his experiencse of last Kids Day, which was held on 6 January 2013. 

What was your Kids Day location?
I prefer field activity, I went with my daddy by car to the nearby Protected Landscape Area “Wzgorze Doroty” (Dorothy Hill – eng.). It is just 365 meters above sea level with a  wonderful view. We did set up our equipment on the hill .

What was your favourite QSO during Kids day?
I remember a QSO with a Russian station RA3PCI, because we talked with Sergiusz in my native language. I am also very satisfied with RTTY QSO on 30 meters band with Marek SP3GVX, probably the propagation was not so good in this day due to the short distance - his signal was very low but the QSO was ok.  

How was Kids Day?
Kids Day is a really cool event for having fun with Amateur Radio. It was a fantastic day to use the radio equipment which I prepared the day before together with daddy. In this year the weather was quite just about zero degrees Celsius and a small snow was falling down. I met lots of interesting people on the air and improved my skills, also English. 
Special thanks to my mum for delicious cake and hot chocolate.    

You are also a member of the radio club SP9YFF, in what kind of activities are you participating with your club and what do you like about the club?
In my spare time, apart from schoolwork, I participate in the main club activities such as working from castles, national and nature parks in the World Castles Award and WFF program. I like being in the nature. Trying to make wire antenna’s with my dad, making QSO’s with the antenna’s and being active in the field area.

Besides Kids Day and your club, in which way are you active with the radio hobby?
Apart from club activities I try a little DX-ing, my goal in this year is to have 100 countries from the DXCC-list confirmed. I would also like to start learning Morse code.

YOTA 2013 Estonia: call for participation, deadline on 20.12.2012‏

YOTA2013During the summer of 2013, a youth radio camp "Youngsters On The Air" will be held in Estonia, organized by the  Estonian Radio Amateurs Union. During this week teams of young radio amateurs from 10 different European countries will be participating in different activities: presentations, competitions, visiting radio stations, observatory, etc...

As two previous events in Romania and Belgium/Netherlands have shown, it will be a great experience for the young hams which they will never forget.

When: 5-12 August 2013

Participants: 10 teams from different European member associations of IARU R1. A team consists of a team leader, who could be an older person, and 4 team members in the age between 14-25 years.

Location: Near the city of Tartu, Estonia.

Fees: Participants pay 30% of the travel costs, plus a participation fee of €50. All other costs will be covered by the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission.

If your organization is interested to participate, please respond NLT 20 December 2012 , by means of the downloadable form, as the full application should be ready before 1 February 2013.

Impression Jamboree On The Air 2012

Below an overview of JOTA-JOTI at several scoutings in IARU R1.

V55JAM – Namibia - Otjiwarongo

On the 18th of October it was time for me (Mike, V51Q) to drive again up to the north to take part at the yearly scout JOTA event. This time the Jota event took place at the Otjiwarongo Scout HQ. For me it was a very special event course I was last active at this Scout HQ 18 years ago.

It was really a great feeling being back, seeing the howl, all the old scout camp photos….

Jamboree On The Air

This weekend, 20 and 21 October, is the yearly event Jamboree On The Air (JOTA/JOTI). A lot of young scouts will be participating in this event. It is a good oppertunity for the young scouts to develop their radio skills and even see what radio amateurism is. To see that there is more than the nowadays communication  ways like, mobile phone, Whatsapp, Skype and more.

For more information: official scout website and ARRL page about Jamboree On the Air 

special event Egypt 2012

EgyptThe Egyptian Radio Amateur Society for Development (ERASD) announces a special event "Egypt 2012 with callsign SU55J".

This event gathers the Radio Amateurs from all over the world to enjoy the Radio activity and the fabulous Egypt. We are waiting you from 18 – 22 October 2012 in Cairo. The Event is organized by ERASD in cooperation with the Arab Scout Region. The program includes the participation in the 55th World Scout Jamboree on the air (JOTA 55) and Egyptian Radio Amateur Station SU55J will working 24 hours day, during the event we make good programs to Exchange Experiences. And a lot of Amateur Radio Activities also very nice Touristy program in old Cairo. and nice Surprises! For more details

To register please write to ERASD Secretary, Said Kamel SU1SK  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Electronic and Ham Radio Camp 2012 in the Czech Republic

Members of OK2KDJ and OK2KJT organized a 10 days camp for children from 10 to 16 years. The objective was to attract youth generation to electronics and ham. Members of these radioclubs organize and lead electronic free time hobby groups from October to June already for many years. We have been thinking about extension of those activities to summer holidays. The result was a 10 days Electronic and Ham Radio Camp. 20+ years of experiences at organizing children’s camps and leading electronic groups had been put together. Combining  those two different worlds, an unique project was created. Pictures and video's are on this website.

Preparations started in October 2011 by establishing the core team: Zbynek OK2PIN – the camp leader and technical instructors: Petr OK2AIA and Robin OK2UWQ. The initial task was to create attractive and realistic concept of the camp.

The core activities have been focused on ham radio and building electronic equipment. We wanted to offer more than sitting and soldering and again sitting and operating amateur radio. That’s why we selected a tent camp site next to a forest where participants found various challenges to develop themselves not only in electronics but also at camping abilities and games and competition in the camp and nearby forest, finding new friends and building team spirit. Simply, complex, various and interesting program for 10 – 16 year old children.

Youngsters On The Air Belgium-The Netherlands

YOTA4Youngsters On The Air which was held in Eeklo, Belgium, from 19 till 26 August was a great success. Teams from 9 different European countries participated during the week in different activities like, ARDF, contesting, presentations about youth and radio amateurism, visit to PI4TUE university of technology Eindhoven, arduino workshops, visit to OT5A Fort lier and much more. On Friday evening the youngsters gave a presentation to the world about the event. The youngsters, most of them are radio amateurs, became friends and are planning new meetings and skeds on HF.                                                                                                                                                          

Youngsters On The Air 2012 Belgium-The Netherlands

During the summer of 2012 a youth radio camp will be held in Belgium, organized by the UBA youth commission and members of the Dutch radio society VERON. Location will be close to the Dutch border. In this week many young radio amateurs from 9 different European countries will be participating in different activities: contesting, ARDF, presentations, fieldday, visiting radio stations etc.. It will be a great experience for the young HAM’s which they will never forget. The special callsign which the youngsters will be using during the event is ON4YOTA.

When: 19-26 August 2012

Participants: 9 teams from different European member associations of IARU R1. A team consist of 1 team leader, this could be an older person, and 4 team members with the age between 18-25 years. The following countries are participating: Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

See the bulletin for more info.