December YOTA month! Bulletin 1


December is coming closer. This means it is almost time for the next Youngsters On The Air activity. Have a look at the bulletin for the latest info. Feel free to participate.

December YOTA month! - 2014 edition

After having last year the first edition of December YOTA month! it’s time for a new one. During the whole month of December several countries will become active with YOTA as suffix in the call sign. The idea for this is to break the ice for some youngsters and take the microphone in the hand. As seen over the years the YOTA-group is growing fast and every week more youngsters are asking to participate. Let us all make Youngsters On The Air popular in HAM radio and let us all help to put youngsters on the HAM radio train!

Would you like to participate? Have a look at this document and do not forget to register before 24 November. 

ERTC 2014 Final results


ETRC 2014 (European Radiosport Team Championship), the youth version of WRTC 2014, was held in Virrat, Finland one week after the Boston WRTC event with 15 three-person youth teams seated in one room in front of their computers and connected to the global Amateur Radio simulator over the internet, all in Virtual Reality. Once again, the latest technology was utilized in Amateur Radio for the benefit of Amateur Radio’s future and by Amateur Radio operators themselves.

In total, ERTC 2014 activated hundreds of young people and licensed radio amateurs in full harmony within the participating 44 countries. ERTC 2014 was a huge success bringing youth and seasoned hams together around the same fireworks in the spirit of international Amateur Radio.

But Mother Nature added to the excitement as a thunderstorm knocked off electricity in the area and power was restored only 5 minutes prior to the start of the contest. It was a Le Mans type of hectic start leaving many teams in the starting grid. The Head Judge, Hans, PB2T, President of IARU Region 1, ruled the first 22 minutes out to give a level playing field to those slow in booting their contest machines and putting their racing helmets on.

When the dust had settled, the following three teams stood on the podium with their medals:

GOLD MEDAL, CZECH REPUBLIC:  Sarka Vavrova, OK2SVA (21); Jindrich Kostal, OK1NOR (24) and Jan “Honza” Dohnalek, OK1JD (20)

SILVER MEDAL, ITALY;: Nicola Tonci, IZ6TSA (20); Gabry Iuliani, IT9RGY (26) and Orazio Intagliata, IT9DBF (25)

BRONZE MEDAL, ESTONIA: Keijo Kapp, ES1XQ (17); Tauri Helimets, ES5HTA (18) and Keven Mekk, ES6AXS (18)

As Silver and Bronze teams were less than three multipliers apart, the fact that the S/W platform (HamSphere 3.0) used in the contest logged all QSOs into the system, gave the organizers full confidence in verifying each station and their exchange. Only seven (7) multiplier uniques were found in the database and they did not affect the final rankings.


Europe: Gaudentas Mozura, LY3BHY

Asia: Faisal Al-Ajmi, 9K2RR

South America: Jairo Ramos Sansone, PU3JAI

Oceania: Eko, 91HS576 (Central Java, Indonesia)

Africa: Tarek Zeidan, SU1TZ

North America: ARRL Centennial, W100AW*

*W100AW was activated by Martti Laine, OH2BH as part of the ARRL Centennial celebrations in Hartford, Connecticut. Thanks (K1ZZ) and congratulations to the American Radio Relay League.

YOTA 2014 & ERTC 2014

ERTC 2014 was part of a European wide youth gathering known as Youngsters On The Air (YOTA) which is held every year in different European Union countries under EU and International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) sponsorship with the aim of bringing youth together in the spirit of cultural exchange and learning from one another in all segments of Amateur Radio, science and electronics. This year fifteen EU countries were represented. ERTC also brought young people together globally over the internet, using Amateur Radio simulation software on a shared platform - all in the natural hangout of today’s youth.


HS is an Amateur Radio (AR) simulation software package giving a hands-on opportunity to youngsters who wish to experience AR in its natural setting while still busy with their studies and not able to take a ham exam or to invest in actual AR equipment. HS coexists with real AR with true propagation science, QSL collection and a variety of contest formats and related equipment. It offers an experience which will encourage young people to study for a ham license and thus enter our wonderful world of Amateur Radio. The latest breakthrough in the simulation software features real-time propagation and system integrated logging, instant QSLing and awards.


The  ERTC 2014 event was honored to have Professor Rumen Gechev, LZ1MS of WRTC 1990 fame as patron of this first-ever Amateur Radio-like WRTC simulation over the internet. Rumen himself finished  4th in 1990 in  the first WRTC held in Seattle, WA. He has subsequently proceeded with life with a highly impressive career as Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and currently as Professor in Economics and Sustained Development at the  University of National and Word Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria,  adding to his Visiting Professor duties at many leading universities. Rumen has  not lost interest in Amateur Radio and he was active during ERTC 2014 giving an LZ multiplier to many participating youth teams – including his own Team Bulgaria.


TEAM                         CALL            CONTACTS   MULT   ACCURACY          SCORE

1: Czech Rep.             OJ45OK             157                61           0.1%                 430.172

2: Italy                         OJ78IT               166                60           0.5%                 397.914

3: Estonia                    OJ56ES              159                57           0.1%                 382.838

4: Slovakia                  OJ37OM            138                60           0.7%                 350.584

5: Croatia                    OJ349A              154               41           1.0%                  341.682

6: UK                           OJ54UK             142               48           0.6%                  325.185


YOTA 2014: Lisa Leenders, PA2LS, IARU R1 Youth Coordinator

ERTC 2014: Martti Laine, OH2BH, ERTC Coordinator

Youngsters On The Air 2014 Finland


yota2014At this moment Youngsters On The Air 2014 is taking place in Virrat, Finland. The event will go on till 22 July. The following 15 countries are participating with a youth team: Belgium, Finland, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Croatia.

We will take part in several amateur radio related activities, like ARDF, contesting, making QSO’s and soldering electronic kits. Besides the ham radio part we will work on reaching new competences, for example: improving your language skills and having discussions about cultural awareness, this all because main funder of this youth exchange is Erasmus+ program of European commission. To have an impression about the activities have a look on the program.

Follow us on the YOTA website where we will post updates of the week and make a QSO with us as OH2YOTA.

3th International Youth Meeting - HAM Radio Friedrichshafen


youthmeetingDate: Saturday 28th of June, 2014
Time: 10:00 – 11:30 AM
Place: Room Schwarzwald
With lectures from:
Gerrit Herzig, DH8GHH, “Youth Activities in Braunschweig”
Johan Mattson SA5BJM, Swedish Youth Coordinator of SSA, "Activity SH3Y”. About the success of the international youth team which was active at SK3W during the WPX SSB contest in 2013 and 2014.
Sebastian Blaesing, DL2DOC, “Youth and HamCamp on HAM Radio”
John Banburt AG7N and Alex Banbury KE7WUD “HAM Club in High School”

The Annual School Club EU – Day

German Initiative AATIS invites school stations to be active on 5th of May 2014. This activity is supposed to bring contacts with and among school amateur radio club and training stations and school girls and boys with own callsigns as well as contacts with every other station from all over Europe. The activity is a great way to get young operators on the air from their school shacks using their training call signs (or the school club's call sign for irrelevant messages only – according to national law). Very often a new operator will be intimidated by the fear of not knowing what to say to the stranger on the other side of the radio. The exchange of information helps to overcome this fear in a low pressure contest format, it should not be made a "5-9-contest". Operators are encouraged to take more time to chat beyond the exchange of the necessary details. A certificate of participation will be issued for stations that send an excerpt from the log of the day. There is also the chance of winning one of the fantastic prizes issued by AATiS. More information is available in this document.

BFRA Youth Coordinator

LZ2CWWBFRA appointed Teodora Getsova LZ2CWW as their Youth Coordinator. This well educated YL is in love with Amateur Radio. She is active and capable to organizing young LZ hams. She has been several times World champion in High Speed Telegraphy with amazing results. Best wishes, Teodora, in your new position.

SARL Appoints a Youth Activity Coordinator


zs6yhThe Council of the SARL has appointed Mitchel Mynhardt, ZS6YH, as youth coordinator. Mitchel became a radio amateur in his early teens and has been active on both local and international competitions. He serves the East Rand Radio Club as youth coordinator and has for the past six years also been involved with JOTA and CQ Hou Koers for the Voortrekkers. Mitchel will the setting up a SARL Youth group on Facebook and Whatsapp. will be dedicated to SARL Youth Activity with a link to and from the SARL home page

Youngsters On The Air Finland 2014

altDuring the summer of 2014, a youth radio camp "Youngsters on the Air" will be held in Finland, organized by the Finnish Radio Amateur League. During this week teams of young radio amateurs from 15 different European countries will be participating during different activities: presentations, competitions, visiting radio stations, workshops, ARDF etc… As three previous events in Romania, Belgium/Netherlands and Estonia have shown, for the young HAM’s it will be a great experience they will never forget.

When: 15-22 July 2014
Participants: 15 teams from different European member associations of IARU R1. A team consists of a team leader, who could be an older person over 18, and 4 team members between 15-25 years old.
Location: Virrat, Finland. Click here to view on the map.
Fees: part of travel costs (calculated with a distance calculator by the European Commission), plus participation fee 50€/person. All other costs (accomodation, food, activities) will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

If your member society is interested to participate, please respond by 31st January 2014, as the full application should be ready for 15.03.2014. For questions and where to send the application, download the invitation document.


HAM's children and youth activities in Czech Republic


The children and youth free time activities are quite popular in Czech Republic for decades.  The adult volunteers organize camps or weekend actions, leads whole year free-time groups for children. Some of these volunteers are HAMs. I would like to show some of their activities with children and youth in Czech Republic in a nutshell. 
The basic activities are the electronic and HAM radio hobby groups. These are led by radio amateurs or electronic enthusiasts. Such hobby groups are usually covered by some nonprofit organization, free time center or local basic school. These organizations generally assure the legitimacy, insurance and some public relations. So let's go though the brief intersection of current activities.