Emergency Communications meeting at HamRadio 2019

21-23 June brings the largest gathering of Radio Amateurs in Europe and also the largest gathering of Emergency Communicators at HAMRADIO 2019 in Friedrichshafen. IARU Region 1 will be hosting a meeting for Radio Amateurs interested in Emergency Communications in Room Rom on Friday 21st June starting at 1200 local time with the following preliminary programme ( times may change ).

1200-1215 Greg G0DUB Welcome and short Region 1 report.

1215-1240 Mike SP9XWM and Cris SP7WME - Polish use of new technology in exercises

1240-1300 Open Discussion - What use can we make of Satellites and other new modes for Emergency Communications. Discussing Low Earth Orbit as well as Geostationary satellites, HF conditions and weak signal message modes ( e.g. JS8call ).

1300-1330 Alberto IK1YLO - Film : 6 minutes about NEIFLEX ( North East Italian Flood Exercise ) European Exercise of 5/9 June 2018 followed by
an update on their national DMR project.

1330-1340 Ron 4X1IG - 'Contest as a drill'

1340-1400 Oliver DL7TNY - Introduction to AREDN data networks

1400-1430 Open Forum. Any remaining questions and guidance for new groups.

1430-1530 Greg G0DUB - How would we respond to a power grid failure. A short exercise.

The Working language for this meeting will be English.