New Zealand Earthquake - 13 Nov (Final)

The deep seated major earthquake of magnitude 7.5 quake that struck the South Island of New Zealand on Monday still has people cut off from road transport due to massive slips and damage.

IARU Region 3 Director, Don Wallace ZL2TLL reports that Amateur Radio Emergency Communications National Director Jeff Sayer ZL4JS advises that AREC offered its services, but were not needed as the civil infrastructure was coping well.

AREC served well during the Christchurch earthquake of 2011, and the latest tremor brought back memories to many of that disaster.

Graphic pictures of roads cut, landslides, rail track dislodged and building damaged in the mostly rural area show the effects of the 'quake, with some seismologists predicting it was possible to have further earthquakes.

– Jim Linton VK3PC, IARU Region 3 Chairman, Disaster Communications Committee.