Electromagnetic Compatibilty

IARU EMC Coordinator receives IEC 1906 Award

cispr1906During the plenary session of CISPR, the IEC 1906 Award was presented to Thilo Kootz, DL9KCE, who represents IARU at this international standardization organisation in charge of the protection of radio reception. CISPR stands for the "Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques" (English: Special international committee on radio interference) and was founded in 1934 to set standards for controlling electromagnetic interference in electrical and electronic devices, and is a part of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The leadership of CISPR found the following words for selecting Thilo for the award: "For significant contributions in defining the disturbance models and especially in developing the model for radiated emission limits in the frequency range below 30 MHz for the Publication CISPR 16-4-4 “Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods - Part 4-4: Uncertainties, statistics and limit modelling - Statistics of complaints and a model for the calculation of limits for the protection of radio services”. He contributed to the development of the radio services data base of the CISPR 31 publication. He also made several technical contributions for the disturbance model of “Grid Connected Power Converters” devices and installations and actively contributed to the work of the generic emission standards."

Update of ICNIRPcalc

There is an update of ICNIRPcalc avalable here.

EMC WG Meeting, Friedrichshafen

The IARU R1 EMC Working Group invites EMC WG members and observers from all national societies to attend the meeting in Friedrichshafen on Friday, 28.06.2013, from 12:00 to 13:30 h in Verwaltungsgebäude 5th floor, same location as last year. (Note: The meeting start exactly at noon, and is scheduled 30 minutes less.)

Details of how to find the meeting room can be obtained from the DARC or IARU stands in the main hall A1 or from the fairs personnel.

Here you can find a list of EMC WG members. It is also indicated who is head of delegation from a MS. If someone else from the society should wish to attend as replacement for HOD, please bring a proxy vote paper.

Discussion focus

1. Opening and welcome

2. Nomination of Secretary

3. Actions from last WG meeting

4. Status on the prEN50561-x Series

5. Other EMC topics

Plasma-TV IEC/PAS 62825 ed1.0, CISPR 11: GCPC DC-Limits, CISPR 15: LED-disturbances, CISPR 32, CISPR 35

6. Any other business

7. Action points and close of meeting

Christian Verholt, OZ8CY
Chairman, EMC Working Group

IEC/PAS 62825 ed1.0 on Plasma-TV has been published

A public available specification on the limitation of the emissions of plasma TVs between 150 kHz and 30 MHz was voted positive on the last CISPR meeting and has now been published here. This is the result of work started in 2007 by the EMC WG of IARU R1 and has now ended in this result. Even though a PAS does not have the same legal implications as a regular EMC standard, it shows the plasma industry now, what could be part of a standard in the future.

EMF: Article on Calibration of Field Strength Monitors

In cooperation between DARC and the national standards institute of Germany, an article on the calibration of field strength monitors has been published in the well known magazine "Advances in Radio Science". It covers a detailed description of a possible calibration setup including uncertainty calculations. You can download abstract and full article here.