Ham Video Commissioning completed - Please see video

The final Ham Video Commissioning Pass 4, planned Sunday April 13 at 18.23 UTC, was performed flawlessly.

ISS Commander Koichi Wakata operated OR4ISS. Ground stations F6DZP, G4KLB, IK1SLD and KI (Livorno) received the signals and streamed the video over the BATC server.

The DATV signal was received for about 6 minutes. Commander Wakata congratulated ARISS for this achievement and answered a series of questions prepared in the manner of a school contact. He also proceeded to a microgravity experiment.

The recorded video of this historical transmission is available at:


Conratulations to the Ham Video team for this outstanding performance.

Next step should be a video enhanced ARISS school contact. We will keep you informed on any progress.