IARU commentary on EURAO statement about meeting at Friedrichshafen



IARU notes a recent statement by EURAO about IARU refusing to meet with them at Friedrichshafen. The statement by EURAO is incomplete and fails to put the situation in context. The following may help explain the true position.

IARU has for some time been concerned that the Amateur Radio Service should present a common position to the European Regulator, CEPT. In a letter to EURAO in August 2015 the IARU Region 1 President wrote 

“My view remains that it is of the utmost importance that we do not expect CEPT to spend any significant time discussing amateur radio matters, and that it is for IARU and EURAO to reach an understanding wherever possible”

Despite this, EURAO declined to make specific proposals on a number of issues when invited to do so.

In February 2017 therefore, the IARU Region 1 President wrote to EURAO proposing a meeting for an exchange of views on each other’s positions, with the following suggested agenda:

- Introduction to IARU and decision making in IARU

- Introduction to EURAO and decision making in EURAO

- The EURAO priorities in terms of serving its membership and amateur radio 

- The IARU priorities in terms of serving its membership and amateur radio

- An agenda for the future – here we would try to agree the areas where we both see value in some level of mutual cooperation 

- Discussion on possible occasional future meetings

I see this needing a full day  

No reply was received from EURAO until 27th May, shortly after the publication of the minutes of the early-May Region 1 EC meeting, at which the Region1 President reported that no reply had been received from EURAO to the February invitation.

On the 27th May, EURAO proposed that the meeting should be held at Friedrichshafen.IARU considered this proposal, but the key people in IARU are already deeply committed in Friedrichshafen, with four lecture sessions/talks, YOTA and other commitments. We therefore explained to EURAO that it would not be practical to have the sort of meeting needed within the time constraints of Friedrichshafen. In the view of IARU the issues concerned are too important to be squeezed in a few free minutes in the programme of the three days of the HamRadio event.

IARU Region 1 remains ready to meet with EURAO for a day anywhere in Europe for an exchange of views on the strategic priorities for Amateur Radio and looks forward to EURAO playing its part by agreeing to meet.