The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is a federation of national associations of certified radio amateurs, representing over 150 countries and separate territories around the world.

The three IARU Regions are organised to broadly mirror the structure of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and its related regional telecommunications organisations. The Regions comprise:
- IARU Region 1: Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Northern Asia
- IARU Region 2: The Americas
- IARU Region 3: Asia-Pacific

The IARU represents the interests of the Amateur Radio Service worldwide to relevant international organisations, promoting the interests of amateur radio and seeking to protect and enhance its spectrum privileges.


SARL elects a new council

At its General Assembly meeting held in Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICAN RADIO LEAGUE (SARL), elected Dennis Green ZS4BS as its new President with Mark  Zank  ZS6YES as Vice Chairman. Henry Chamberlain ZS1AAZ was appointed by the new Council as Secretary and Louw Erasmus ZS6LME as the legal adviser.

The Council will meet in the next two week to assign portfolios to the other councillors. Rassie Erasmus ZS1YT, the immediate past President will continue as Treasurer.

Elected council members are: Dennis Green ZS4BS, Laurie  Deveraux ZS5DL, Henry  Chamberlain ZS1AAZ,Hans  van de Groenendaal ZS6AKV, Mark Zank ZS6YES, Francois  Botha ZS6BUU, Fred Scheepers ZS1FCS, Gerhard Coetzee ZS3TG, Ivan Newman ZS2ILN, John Willescroft  ZS6EF, Riaan Greeff ZS4PR, Frik  Wolff ZS6FZ, Willem Weideman ZS6WWJ,  Louw Erasmus ZS6LME.

More information is available on the SARL Homepage.

21st International Fair of Electronic Communication INTERTELECOM 2010 in Łódź, Poland

On 13th-15th April 2010, the 21st International Fair of Electronic Communication INTERTELECOM 2010 was organised in Łódź, in the center of Poland. INTERTELECOM 2010 took place under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure, President of the Office of Electronic Communications, Marshal of the Łódź Voivodship and President of the City of Łódź.

On this occasion, the Łódź Regional Section of the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) prepared a special exhibition commemorating the 80th anniversary of the PZK and the 85th anniversary of the IARU. On 10th-18th April 2010, a special event station HF21ITC was active on the air. See the photo gallery:

PZK celebrates its 80th Anniversay and the 85th IARU Anniversary

Jubilee ceremony on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Polish Amateur Radio Union – PZK (Polski Związek Krótkofalowców) and the 85th anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union

On 26th February 2010, the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) celebrated the 80th anniversary of its founding. It is to be remembered that the PZK was formally established on 24th February 1930, at the Radio Research Institute in Warsaw. A solemn ceremony on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the PZK took place in the District Centre of Cultural Promotion in Warsaw.

The celebration was officially opened by Ms Anna Streżyńska – President of the Office of Electronic Communications. Among all the present guests, many persons of merit were decorated with organisational medals and distinctions by PZK President – Piotr Skrzypczak, SP2JMR. Moreover, Tim Ellam VE6SH – President of the IARU conveyed in the meantime on the air his best occasional congratulations to the PZK. On the one hand the whole event was full of atmosphere of nostalgia, and on the other hand – ambitious plans for the future.

More information on PZK Homepage

EC Meeting 2010


On World Amateur Radio 2010, the IARU Region 1 EC held its annual meeting. Due to volcanic eruptions on Iceland most of the European airspace was closed and only five (shown on the photo 6W1KI, LZ1US, OE1MCU, HB9JOE and ZS4BS) made it to Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. The rest of the EC had either to return home or to stay at their home QTH and participated in the EC meeting through WebEx (a remote meeting application). IARU Region 2 President YV5AMH was unfortunate enough to be stuck in Budapest. He dialed in from his hotel room. The meeting went well and most of the agenda could be covered. Expect a meeting report soon. The EC members in Sofia enjoyed a World Amateur Radio Day dinner hosted by BFRA, the Bulgarian national society.

Iceland Volcano disrupts IARU Region 1 Executive Committee meeting

Destination: Sofia, Bulgaria. Event: IARU Region 1 Executive Committee meeting from April 17-18, 2010.  Participants: Hans - PB2T, Tafa - 6W1KI , Dennis - ZS4BS, Andy - HB9JOE, Panayot - LZ1US, Betty - F6IOC, Nikola - 9A5W, Hani - OD5TE, Colin - G3PSM, DK4VW - Ulli, OE1MCU - Michael, YV5AMH - Reinaldo and LA2RR - Ole.

IARU Region 1 Executive Committee members and WG chairmen participating at the yearly Executive committee meeting struggled to reach Sofia from various parts of the World due the Iceland Eyjafjallajokull's volcanic ashes.

From flight cancelations, to airport closures and participants stranded in airports, only few people made it to Sofia  (Tafa - 6W1KI, Dennis - ZS4BS, Andy - HB9JOE, Panayot - LZ1US, OE1MCU - Michael) and the rest are either stranded at the transit airport or on the way back home in any possible mean of transportation.

Giving enough time for everyone to be back, the meeting will now take place on Sunday April 18, through a webconference.

World Amateur Radio Day 2010

Each year on 18 April, radio amateurs celebrate World Amateur Radio Day. On that day in 1925 the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was founded. In 2010, the theme of the event is "Amateur Radio: Combining communication experience with modern digital techniques."

Amateur radio has truly entered the 21st Century. In less than 100 years amateur radio communications has evolved from crude spark-gap technology to digital signal processing and software-defined radios. The amateur's HF choice between voice and CW has been expanded to a broad range of communication choices from television to spread spectrum.

Amateur digital communications has evolved. At the end of World War II until the early 1980's, radioteletype, also known as RTTY, was the only HF digital mode available to amateurs. In the 1980's, AMTOR made its debut along with the increased popularity and availability of personal computers. AMTOR was the first amateur digital communication mode to offer error-free text transmission.

JY5FX, Al Jazeera News Anchor, Jamal Rayyan on the air from Qatar

ictQATAR has granted today JY5FX - Jamal Rayyan an amateur radio license to operate from Qatar under A71/JY5FX.  Jamal, a prominent Al Jazeera News Anchor, was granted today the first reciprocal Amateur Radio license for a foreigner to operator in Qatar. This wouldn't have been possible without the support of QARS and the Hams in Qatar. Congratulations Jamal!

Check the following link on youtube where Jamal announces on the air his Jordanian Amateur Radio Callsign (JY5FX).

Doha Regional Conference on Amateur Radio a Big Success

The Regional Conference on Amateur Radio, hosted by the The Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) in Doha, Qatar was one of the largest regional conferences of amateur radio in the Middle East. It took place on April 4-6 2010 under the patronage of His Excellency Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah (A71AU), Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Industry, Chairman of the Qatar Amateur Radio and in cooperation with the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). Check the QARS official Conference final statement and recommendations (Arabic) . You can also view the Photo Gallery for pictures related to the conference.

The scale of the conference, the hospitality and the generosity of the State of Qatar, QARS, and the Qatari Hams were unmatched. All delegates felt at home while away from home.

The Conference program consisted of presentations on regulatory issues, amateur radio emergency and disaster communication, national regulations of amateur radio in the GCC states combined with panel discussions and workshops with the aim to assist in building and maintaining good working relationships between the National Regulators and the Amateur Radio Societies.