The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is a federation of national associations of certified radio amateurs, representing over 150 countries and separate territories around the world.

The three IARU Regions are organised to broadly mirror the structure of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and its related regional telecommunications organisations. The Regions comprise:
- IARU Region 1: Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Northern Asia
- IARU Region 2: The Americas
- IARU Region 3: Asia-Pacific

The IARU represents the interests of the Amateur Radio Service worldwide to relevant international organisations, promoting the interests of amateur radio and seeking to protect and enhance its spectrum privileges.


WRC-19 Week 2

The second week of the World Radiocommunication Conference was marked by intense discussions of the most contentious agenda items but very little closure. It is clear that long days and nights are ahead in the last two weeks.

Early Progress, Contention on Difficult Issues Mark First Week of WRC

WRC 19Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 1 November 2019

Week 1 of the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference saw agreement reached on several issues on which discussions prior to the conference had revealed consensus. Those were the easy ones; the rest will be more difficult.

The early decisions here in Sharm El-Sheikh were only possible because of countless hours of work conducted within the ITU Radiocommunication Sector and the six regional telecommunications organizations (RTOs) since the previous WRC in 2015. Three of these decisions were on issues of interest to the IARU.

WRC - the work begins

WRC 19Work is now underway at WRC19 on issues of interest to the amateur service. IARU’s team of some 14 people are being kept busy in the many committees discussing the agenda items. The Committee considering Agenda Item 1.1 (a 50 MHz amateur service allocation in Region 1) have heard the various Regional positions presented, with two clear positions – 4 MHz primary and 2 MHz secondary. Detailed discussions now begin to reach some resolution.

Discussions are also under way to determine the way ahead on Wireless Power Transmission, where there seems general agreement that no change is needed to the Radio Regulations but that there is more work to do to understand the issues of unwanted emissions and other aspects.

WRC continues until the end of November.

Saudi Arabia and Seychelles Join IARU

The IARU member-societies have voted to admit the Saudi Amateur Radio Society (SARS) and Seychelles Amateur Radio Association (SARA) to membership.

SARS was founded on 25 June 2018 and is legally registered/recognized to represent the amateurs of Saudi Arabia. As of January 2019 there were 66 members out of a total of 479 licensed radio amateurs in the country. SARS maintains a website at

SARA was founded in December 2018 and was registered with the Seychelles government on 31 December. SARA has six members, two of whom are licensed. It is believed that there are four licensed amateurs in Seychelles, a number that SARA hopes to increase.

Saudi Arabia and Seychelles are located in ITU Region 1 which also corresponds to IARU Region 1. Their IARU membership became effective on 9 October 2019 upon completion of the voting procedure set out in the IARU Constitution.


IARU Region 1 UHF & Up Contest

iaru uhf


The IARU Region 1 UHF & Up Contest will be held this weekend on 5 and 6 October 2019. The contest starts at 14.00 UTC.

You are kindly invited to participate.

You can find the contest rules here

IARU Region 1 ATV Contest 2019 Results

The IARatv 2019U Region 1 ATV Contest was held on 8/9 June 2019. There were 55 entrants from 9 countries competing, using all bands from 432 MHz to 76 GHz.

The overall winner was Wim PE1EZU.  The best DX was a 70 cm ATV Contact between Rolf F9ZG and Jean-Michel F1AGO at 293 km.

Participation was reduced from last year (100 to 55), possibly because of the distraction caused by ATV Activity on QO-100.

Full results are presented in the following pages.  The BATC 2m and 4m ATV contest results have also been included for information only.

Please don’t forget next year’s IARU ATV Contest on 13/14 June 2020.

Dave, G8GKQ

Complete results are available here :

IARU Administrative Council meets in Lima



IARU Administrative Council Steps Up Efforts to Combat Radio Spectrum Pollution

The Administrative Council (AC) of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) held its annual in-person meeting on 28 and 29 September 2019 in Lima, Peru, just before the triennial General Assembly of IARU Region 2. The AC is responsible for the policy and management of the IARU and consists of the three IARU international officers and two representatives from each of the three IARU regional organizations.

CEPT SE24 and SRD/MG meet in Romania.

The latest meeting of the above two CEPT groups took place in Romania this week. IARU was there and had submitted three papers for discussion.

Of interest to the amateur service were further discussions on Wireless Power Transmission, where papers from IARU were discussed, including a report on measurements conducted on generic low power WPT systems. IARU also presented a paper formally asking for appropriate spurious emission limits for WPT for electric vehicles.

IARU continues to highlight to CEPT and ITU the risks to radio communications services from some forms of WPT systems and is hopeful that CEPT will agree to set relevant spurious emission limits.

The use of spectrum around the 77 GHz amateur band for High Definition - Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar devices was also discussed, with the current view being that the two services are not mutually incompatible.