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World Amateur Radio Day 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dennis Green, ZS4BS   
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 11:47

WARD 2014 World Amateur Radio Day - “Amateur Radio: Your Gateway to Wireless Communication”

This day is celebrated each year on 18 April in recognition of the anniversary of the founding of the IARU in Paris in 1925.

The primary purpose of WARD, as stated in IARU Resolution 94-3, is the “need for an annual focus on Amateur Radio and the benefits countries and communities derive from the service”.

Every year the IARU Administrative Council has attempted to select a theme both consistent with the role and purpose of amateur radio and at the same time representing a meritorious activity which, if promoted, could bring favourable credit to IARU and amateur radio generally.

At the Administrative Council meeting in September 2013, various topics were discussed and possible themes massaged. The theme “Amateur Radio: Your Gateway to Wireless Communication” was put forward and after discussion was adopted by the Council for the forthcoming World Amateur Radio Day, 18 April 2014.

This is an opportunity for amateurs to show there expertise in digital and wireless communications, to those in the community who have “wireless communication” interests, but haven’t considered the association with Amateur Radio.

How the day is promoted is a matter for the individual member society and or Region. There have been many varied ways the day is recognised in scope, complexity and success.

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Tropical Cyclone Ita in Queensland Australia PDF Print E-mail
Written by G0DUB for VK3PC   
Sunday, 13 April 2014 21:28

After causing damage and resulting in at least 23 deaths in the Solomon Islands ‎on April 5, the category 5 Tropical Cyclone Ita came ashore in Queensland‎ in Australia's northeast. Dale McCarty VK3DMC reports that no Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network‎ (WICEN) activation has occurred so far, point in time. He said frequencies are constantly monitored and many of the Far North Queensland‎ hams are checking in just to see how others are faring. The frequencies are 7.088 MHz and 3.588 MHz until the cyclone which has been‎ downgraded to a category 1 continues to move south with strong winds and‎ flooding.

When the cyclone came ashore at Cooktown about 50 buildings were damaged‎ another five written off, road were blocked, water supply was critically,‎ power and communications affected. A strong winds and torrential rain closing airports as the weather system‎ moved south to cause more damage. Sugar cane and banana crops were flattened. The population were well prepared with many taking refuge in community shelters.‎ The mobile phone service remained mostly intact and fibre optic cables provided ‎communication with some areas. Tropical Cyclone Ita has formed over the northern Coral Sea to engulf the ‎Solomon Islands which has at least 23 people dead, about 30 people missing, ‎and has left 49,000 homeless. The country was also felt a 7.6-magnitude earthquake 96 kilometres south southeast ‎of the provincial capital of Kirakira, but it caused minimal damage.

Jim Linton VK3PC, Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee. ‎

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Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conference open for Registrations PDF Print E-mail
Written by G0DUB   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 23:54

The America Radio Relay League (ARRL) Alabama Section and the Huntsville Hamfest, have announced further details of the Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (GAREC) Conference in August. Held in Huntsville, Alabama, it will be on August 14th and 15th - just before the two-day ARRL Southeastern Division Convention - Huntsville - The World's Friendliest Hamfest. 

GAREC-14 focuses on the application of advanced technologies available in emergency communications. All Emergency Communication-minded radio amateurs and professionals are invited to attend. The venue is the Embassy Suites Hotel in Huntsville, adjacent to the Von Braun Convention Centre and the Hamfest. The Huntsville Hamfest is the Regional ARRL Centennial Event, held on Saturday August 16th and Sunday 17th. This is the second time Huntsville has hosted GAREC - previously it was in 2007. The GAREC-14 website contains a lot of information. An agenda to be finalised later is to include reports by IARU regions, those involved in recent emergency communications work and the technology that can be used.

GAREC-14 Website:
GAREC-14 Registration:

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Marconi Memorial Contest 2013 - Certificates PDF Print E-mail
Written by iv3kkw   
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 12:46

Hi to all,

On ARI Bologna web site you could find "Participation Certificate" for the last MMC 2013.

There are 8 files pdf, each one for a different range of callsigns, please choose your and print your page.

Thank you to all for great contest participation, cu in November for the next Marconi Memorial Contest.

73 Alex IV3KKW

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IARUMS Region 1 Newsletter March 2014 available! PDF Print E-mail
Written by DK2OM   
Monday, 07 April 2014 21:48

The IARUMS Region 1 Newsletter March 2014 is now available.  Click here!

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The Annual School Club EU – Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lisa, PA2LS   
Thursday, 27 March 2014 21:17

German Initiative AATIS invites school stations to be active on 5th of May 2014. This activity is supposed to bring contacts with and among school amateur radio club and training stations and school girls and boys with own callsigns as well as contacts with every other station from all over Europe. The activity is a great way to get young operators on the air from their school shacks using their training call signs (or the school club's call sign for irrelevant messages only – according to national law). Very often a new operator will be intimidated by the fear of not knowing what to say to the stranger on the other side of the radio. The exchange of information helps to overcome this fear in a low pressure contest format, it should not be made a "5-9-contest". Operators are encouraged to take more time to chat beyond the exchange of the necessary details. A certificate of participation will be issued for stations that send an excerpt from the log of the day. There is also the chance of winning one of the fantastic prizes issued by AATiS. More information is available in this document.

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IARUMS Region 1 now with 27 members! PDF Print E-mail
Written by DK2OM   
Friday, 14 March 2014 19:28

The IARU Monitoring System Region 1 has now 27 members. Francis Boulot - F5MIU is the new REF Monitoring System Coordinator. Welcome to our team dear Francis!

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630 m-Band released in France PDF Print E-mail
Written by DK2OM   
Thursday, 13 March 2014 19:01

F6NED reports:

Starting on March 13th 2014 French Radio Amateurs (Mainland France and
Overseas Terirtories in ITU Region 2) are allowed to use the band
472 - 479 kHz with 1 Watt EIRP.

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